Have You Been to the Public Market?

Jan 20, 2016

The term ‘public market’ means different things to different people. Regionally, a flea market, fish market, craft market or farmers market might seem synonymous with public market, but in Baltimore, MD, it has a very specific meaning. Public markets are true to their name, more than most. Baltimore public markets, owned by the city, are the oldest continuously operating public market system in the US. A few decades ago the city found the markets floundering and in 1995 they decided to try a new model of management. The city supported the formation of a nonprofit, Baltimore Public Markets Corporation,a not uncommon model in Baltimore, that would be solely tasked with management of the public markets in the public interest.

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In the Event of an Emergency

Oct 5, 2015

When something unexpected happens regarding a patient at a hospital, an emergency is called. If the emergency is so severe that the patients life is on the line, this emergency is called a ‘code blue’. A team of experts will be notified and will arrive on the scene to help unit staff to stabilize the patient.

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What is Open Design

Aug 4, 2015

Open design is a means to producing a better product. It means sharing solutions, process and assets and gathering feedback from fellow designers, the design community and nondesigners alike.

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